Cupra EV Crossover Means Ibiza Hot Hatch and Cupra Arona Plans Are Scrapped

19 September 2019 - autoevolution

Cupra EV Crossover Means Ibiza Hot Hatch and Cupra Arona Plans Are Scrapped

Cupra is set on becoming a cool independent brand for people who like stylish, potent European cars.

However, it still needs to offer some of the vehicles that made it so iconic.

Over a year ago, when the company was very young, it showed a preview concept for the Cupra Ibiza hot hatch, based on the new small hatchback that came out in 2016. It seemed like a simple thing for them to make after two relatively successful generations of hot Ibiza.

The right engine also became available at the time, as Volkswagen developed a 200 horsepower 2-liter turbo for its Polo GTI, also based on the MQB A0 platform. Shortly after that, Cupra was also said to be developing a hot version of the Arona mini crossover, which would be FWD and boast the same engine.

But those plans never materialized, and Cupra began to embrace an ecological mindset. First, there was the Formentor concept, a plug-in hybrid with 245 horsepower. And now, at the Frankfurt Motor Show, it's premiered something called the Tavascan.

The name is difficult to pronounce, but one quick look and you immediately know what this concept is - a preview for a possible sporty-looking EV crossover based on the MEB platform. Both Volkswagen and Skoda have shown similar designs, the ID Crozz and Vision iV, respectively.

On the sidelines of the IAA, Auto Express has learned that plans for the Cupra Ibiza and Arona have been completely scrapped. We believe this is due to low profits on smaller cars, but also increasing taxation for cars with high emissions in Europe.

The Cupra Tavascan, on the other hand, has no emissions. And even though you might not be a fan of EVs of crossovers, you have to admit that it looks sleek and premium. Its powertrain is already under development: two motors, one for each axle, producing 306 horsepower or the same as a Mercedes-AMG GLB 35. But due to the bulky 77kWh battery pack, it will only do 0 to 100 km/h in about 6.5 seconds, the same as an early Golf 7 GTI.

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