Yamaha Slightly Revises Axis Z 125cc Scooter For 2022

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Yamaha Slightly Revises Axis Z 125cc Scooter For 2022
Quiet start, linked brakes, and new lights headline the update

Yamaha introduced the Axis Z scooter in 2017. As 125cc scooters go, the Axis Z quickly became a favorite of commuters and commercial riders thanks to its approachability and reliability. Up to this point, Team Blue applied the “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” approach to the eighth-liter scoot, but Yamaha made slight tweaks to the 2022 Axis Z to make it an even better urban mobility option.

The air-cooled, two-valve, SOHC, 124cc single still powers the Axis Z but Iwata retuned the mill to meet the latest Japanese emission regulations. Yamaha engineers also adjusted the practical powerplant for a quieter engine startup and less vibration on the road. The engine still produces 8.3 horsepower and 6.6 lb-ft of torque, but the new configuration makes it even more friendly on the modern roadway.

The team didn’t just refine the small-bore single, though, it also equipped the featherweight scooter with the brand’s UBS (Unified Brake System). That linked braking system should steady the ride even in stop-and-go traffic, but the lighting also receives a boost in 2022. Yamaha didn’t upgrade the Axis Z to all-around LED lighting, but the halogen system moves from 35/35W units to 60/55W lights. A USB outlet in the cockpit improves convenience and comfort, allowing users to plug in devices or heated gear.

Aside from the minor changes, the scooter remains ultra-useable. The 220-pound curb weight makes the Axis Z easy to weave through traffic or push around the garage. The short 50.2 wheelbase and 27-inch width also suit congested urban settings. With a 30.3-inch seat height, the entry-level scooter also caters to a wide array of riders. A 1.5-gallon fuel tank provides more than enough range for city riding and the 10-inch wheels keep the lightweight scooter on its toes.

The 2022 Yamaha Axis Z scooter will come in a Matte Blue, Black, Metallic Gray, Matte Brown, and White colorway. At ¥271,700 ($2,250 USD), the budget-friendly 125cc scooter receives just enough updates to improve the package without breaking the bank.

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