SsangYong Korando E100 EV Promised With 61.5-kWh Battery

12 Noiembrie 2019 - autoevolution

Produced by the same people responsible for the battery in the Chevrolet Bolt, the 61.5-kWh from LG Chem for the SsangYong Korando is promising in this application.

Set to arrive at dealerships in early 2021, the electrified crossover is "provisionally called the Korando E100."

In addition to the lithium-ion battery's capacity, Auto Express understands that a single electric motor with 188 horsepower will provide propulsion and a top speed of 95 miles per hour. Acceleration would be "best in class" if SsangYong is to be believed, and speaking of which, there is no official press release with these figures on the Korean automaker's media website.

Turning out attention back to the LG Chem battery, Auto Express also quotes SsangYong for the estimated range. On the NEDC testing cycle, which isn't used anymore in Europe and the United Kingdom, you can look forward to "over 261 miles" or 420 kilometers. A disappointing rating by all accounts, even the Hyundai Kona Electric does a better job from a similar capacity. In terms of real-world range, the estimate is "over 200 miles."

That's 322 kilometers for anyone else in the Old Continent outside of the United Kingdom, and even an entry-level EV such as the Opel Corsa-e has more range to offer from 50 kWh (330 kilometers or 205 miles). With all due respect to SsangYong, their engineers have to upgrade the range if the South Koreans want a winning chance over the competition.

As with every other model in the lineup, the Korando E100 should be priced lower than the e-Niro from Kia and Kona Electric. Adding the plug-in grant is another benefit of going electric, but SsangYong doesn't plan to make do without internal combustion engines going forward.

"Further electrification of the Korando range will see a mild-hybrid diesel" according to Auto Express, expected to launch in 2022. Hyundai already offers mild hybridization in the diesel-engined Tucson compact crossover, which means that SsangYong is doing too little too late.

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