Watch the 680 HP Cayenne Turbo S Accelerate from 0 to 100 KM/H, Reach 300 KM/H

28 November 2019 - autoevolution

Watch the 680 HP Cayenne Turbo S Accelerate from 0 to 100 KM/H, Reach 300 KM/H

The LA Auto Show had two big debuts for performance SUV fans, the GLE 63 S and the Audi RS Q8.

They join the new X5/X6 M, all of them boasting roughly 600 horsepower. However, we can't forget about Porsche or its new Cayenne Turbo S setup.

In the past, a Cayenne Turbo S just had 50 more horsepower than a normal Turbo from the same 4.8-liter bi-turbo. However, the full name of the 2020 model is "Turbo S E-Hybrid" which should tell you that it's related to that super-fast Panamera.

That's right, the powertrain combines the 550 horsepower 4-liter, which is new, with a 130 horsepower electric motor and together they offer more than almost any other SUV. Unfortunately, the e-motor also brings along a heavy battery pack to run the EV mode. So the only way to know which is the fastest German rig is with a drag race.

But the specs are really good. 680 horsepower and 900 Nm of torque supposedly get you from 0 to 100 km/h in 3.8 seconds. And if you don't trust Porsche, here's an independent acceleration test from AutoTopNL. It's actually much faster. Using a GPS device, they timed it at 3.6 seconds to 100 km/h, which means it's going to give the Urus a run for its money... and probably lose.

In full-electric mode, the 14.1 kWh battery allows for a range of up to 40 km (25 miles). And it can run to 135 km/h before internal combustion kicks in, so even as an EV it's fast. 300 km/h is also possible before the speed limiter kicks in. That's not far from the 305 km/h top end of the Urus or Bentayga Speed.

It's not absurdly expensive either, just €176,300, about €30,000 more than a normal Turbo or €100,000 over the base model V6. Mind you, we're talking about the Cayenne Coupe body here, not the regular body.

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