Read This If You Own A 2003-2006 Porsche Cayenne

27 September 2017 - carbuzz

Read This If You Own A 2003-2006 Porsche Cayenne

Because who would want to suffer a fuel leak?

Porsche has just announced a voluntarily recall for an estimated 50,145 units of the 2003-2006 model year Cayenne SUVs in the United States. European or any other overseas markets don't appear to be affected by this recall. The first generation US market Cayenne, as it turns out, "could suffer from hairline cracks on the flange of the fuel pump filter after extended usage and time." So far there hasn't been any reports of injuries or fires, which is typically what could happen in the case of a fuel leak.

How would an owner know their Cayenne is suffering from this ailment? Well, "a very small quantity of fuel might seep out causing a fuel odor," according to Porsche. The fix itself, which will obviously be handled free of charge by any authorized Porsche dealership, involves replacing the fuel filter flange. All told, the repair will only take about an hour and a half per vehicle. Doesn't sound like much time, or does it? Do the math and you'll discover this totals more than 75,000 working hours for US Porsche dealers. Good thing they employ a lot of certified technicians.


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