Updated 2021 Porsche Taycan brings back 1990s colours

1 year, 9 months ago - 28 August 2021, autocar
Updated 2021 Porsche Taycan brings back 1990s colours
The Porsche Taycan will be updated for the new model year, gaining additional range, classic exterior paint colours and new connectivity options.

The German firm has introduced a new Paint To Sample system, which adds a further 65 colours on top of the original 17, including Moonlight Blue Metallic, Acid Green, Rubystar Red, Riviera Blue and Viola Metallic, some of which hark back to colours worn by classic models such as the 964-generation 911. 

A premium Paint To Sample Plus has also been added, allowing customers to submit their own desired colour to Porsche for a cost of £6228 and a minimum wait time of six months.

The model will receive technological updates to its drivetrain, increasing real-world range in day-to-day use. “Extensive technological developments have been implemented to achieve this increase,” Porsche said. “In Normal and Range modes, the front electric motor is almost completely decoupled and de-energised in the partial load range in the all-wheel-drive models. 

Furthermore, no drive is transmitted to either axle when the car is coasting or at a standstill. This electric freewheel function reduces drag losses. The motors are switched on again within milliseconds only when the driver requests more power or changes the driving model.” However, Porsche has not specified how many extra miles of range can be achieved with this new function. 

The Taycan’s thermal management and charging functions have also been improved, including a new technology to use waste heat from electrical components to improve battery temperature regulation. 

Other additions include the integration of Android Auto to the Taycan’s Porsche Communication Management (PCM) system, and the firm says its voice control system now operates to a higher standard. 

Drivers can also now fit the Taycan with an optional remote parking assist to manoeuvre it into parking spaces, allowing the car to control steering and forward and reverse movements. 

The model also comes with improved access to Porsche’s destination charging programme, which allows customers to charge their electric or plug-in models free of charge at popular destinations. More than 2000 charging stations are available for use in over 50 countries, with plans for further expansion. 

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