Porsche Taycan shows differentiation with the Porsche family in new spy shots

10 May 2019 - autoblog

Porsche Taycan shows differentiation with the Porsche family in new spy shots

The headlights are the defining feature

Some low-resolution photos of a Porsche Taycan missing some of its camouflage cropped up on the Interwebs a couple weeks ago. Today, we have high-quality images of a Porsche Taycan prototype with a similar amount of its coverings having been removed.

As before, the part we're drawn to is the headlight design. The fixtures are tucked away in those scalloped nooks, almost is if they're hiding. It's a big departure from the headlight design on any current Porsche, which is pretty obvious when the car in question is lined up in front of several current Porsches. There's a vertical vent right next to the headlight that looks like it might be directing air over the wheels. We suppose it could be fake, but given Porsche's history and the spy shots we've seen, that seems unlikely.

Unfortunately, this Taycan has its rear window covered near the pillar, while the previous one we saw did not. We aren't missing a whole lot judging from that car, but Porsche camouflage is always tricky to decipher. Photos directly from the rear show the full-length LED taillight unit, telling us the Taycan is still following the family look here.

The road to Frankfurt where this car will debut gets shorter by the day. Porsche officially testing with less camouflage just ramps up the excitement for the brand's first all-electric car even more. We're sure there will be plenty more details revealed via spy photos before the curtain officially drops, so stay tuned.

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