Skoda Scala Added To Emergency Service Fleet Lineup

14 August 2019 - motor1

Skoda Scala Added To Emergency Service Fleet Lineup

The Scala joins the Czech manufacturer's ever-expanding fleet lineup.

Skoda had offered "blue light fleet" vehicles for the U.K.'s emergency services for quite some time, and now it has added the Scala to that lineup.

Complete with advanced driver assistance and safety features, including Adaptive Cruise Control, Front Assist with City Emergency Brake and Lane Assist, and Side Assist that detects vehicles approaching the car from behind or those that are in the car's blind spot – the system increases the car's blind spot detection range from 20 to 70 meters (66 to 230 feet) . The Scala also has a full five-star Euro NCAP safety rating.

Its vast 467-liter trunk (extendable to 1,410 liters with rear seats folded down) is also capable of fitting both passengers and all of the equipment needed, it's an ideal machine for the emergency services.

Among the changes made with the emergency service conversion are full-LED light signals built into the front screen, grille, tailgate and number plate giving full 360-degree visibility; and a 100-amp three-tone siren.

"Our partnership with emergency services teams stretches back over a century," said Henry Williams, head of fleet for Skoda U.K. "It's that extensive knowledge in the sector that makes Skoda a reliable partner for both technologically advanced cars and value for money, and Scala, our most connected car to date, more than fits the bill."

Skoda has introduced a "one-stop shop" package for emergency service vehicles, which allows entire fleets to be purchased outright or financed through Volkswagen Financial Services. Skoda also provides full conversions, as well as breakdown coverage, service plans, and maintenance and repair programs.

The Skoda Scala is available with a trio of engine options, two gasoline and one diesel. Power figures range from 113 to 148 hp.

The petrol range includes a 1.0 TSI unit with 113 bhp and a 1.5 TSI engine with 148 bhp, with a third petrol unit developing 94 bhp joining the lineup later this year. The Scala's diesel option is a 1.6 TDI unit that develops 113 hp. All engines, except for the 1.0 TSI 94 hp. are available with an optional seven-speed DSG transmission.

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