Russia Takes Tuning To Next Level By Installing Four Mufflers

2 years, 3 months ago - 16 March 2020, motor1
Russia Takes Tuning To Next Level By Installing Four Mufflers
One muffler for each cylinder – yay or nay?

Garage 54 has been doing weird things with cars, usually with Lada vehicles. The Russian tuner has once converted a Lada to have a center wheel lock. It also tried to convert one into a D.I.Y. all-wheel-drive sedan. There was also this one time when the guys coated a red Lada with 35 layers of clear coat for a very shiny finish.

But Garage 54 isn't just into Ladas. These guys once pressure-washed a Nissan in the name of science, while a Toyota RAV4 with an automatic gearbox was experimented on to see whether it will break down when switched to reverse at speeds while moving forward. Most recently, a Fiat Uno was given eight wheels – yes, eight wheels, making it a weird-looking hatchback.

Now, that same Fiat Uno has been repurposed with something else. No, our favorite Russian tuner didn't try to give it another set of wheels. This time around, the poor Italian hatchback was given four mufflers – one each cylinder, all installed with an open hood.

To be fair, installing multiple exhaust pipes isn't really a new thing with cars. Some hot-rod tuners do such modification, but most of them are just for show. Plus, they're usually just exhausts that make things much louder.

After careful installation of four mufflers coming out of an open hood, Garage 54 was able to finish the project to see what would happen. In theory, four mufflers should subdue the system a lot but what do you think happened in this case.

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