Porsche 928 Celebrates 40 Years With Four-Door, Cabrio Concepts

15 August 2017 - motor1

Porsche 928 Celebrates 40 Years With Four-Door, Cabrio Concepts

The four-door is the Panamera's grand daddy.

Porsche celebrates the 40th birthday of the 928 grand tourer at the Nürburgring's AvD Oldtimer Grand Prix by pulling some unique examples out of the archives. In addition to showing a newly restored example of the V8-powered coupe, the company brought the four-door and convertible concepts for the 928.

The four-door 928 concept was Ferry Porsche's idea, and the conversion work came from American Specialty Cars. The model featured tiny clamshell doors that allowed for easier entry into the coupe's rather tight back seat. Think of it as the predecessor to the Panamera.

The convertible concept was a similar one-off where Porsche considered alternate ways to sell the 928. The quality of the work is the most impressive thing about it. As the video below shows, the car looks ready to enter the showroom.

If Porsche had really wanted to complete the lineup of one-off 928s at the Oldtimer Grand Prix, the company should have brought the shooting brake concept, too. The 928-4 was a present from the firm to Ferry Porsche for his 75th birthday. The two-door wagon was 9.8 inches (25 centimeters) longer than stock and had a more upright B-pillar for easier access to the back seat. The roof was also taller. Plus, Porsche dropped the 928's pop-up headlights for a set of less novel fixed units.

Porsche debuted the 928 in the spring of 1977, and it was an advanced vehicle for the time. The German sports car maker used aluminum for the doors, fenders, and hood for keeping weight down. Early examples used a 4.5-liter V8, but by the end of the line in 1995, the powerplant had grown to 5.4 liters of displacement.

Porsche had quite an impressive display at the Oldtimer Grand Prix. Magnus Walker was there signing autographs. Plus, Porsche Classic displayed a recently restored 1975 911 Turbo body shell and a newly rejuvenated 1966 911S – this one was among the first to get the famous Fuchs wheels.



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