Ken Block's Crazy AWD F-150 Hoonitruck Revealed With Ford GT Power

4 November 2018 - motor1

Ken Block's Crazy AWD F-150 Hoonitruck Revealed With Ford GT Power

It has 914 horsepower... and a trailer hitch.

We've watched Ken Block since his early days when he hooned around an abandoned airfield in a race-prepped Subaru. Many tires have been shredded since that first gymkhana video went live 10 years ago, and we suspect this latest creation from Block's garage will shred many more. We say that not just because it's Ken Block, or that his newest vehicular tire slayer is a whopping big Ford F-150 pickup truck. Rather, it has more to do with the engine – based on the race mill from the LeMans-winning Ford GT and tuned for no less than 914 turbocharged horsepower (682 kilowatts) sent to all four wheels. Say hello to the Hoonitruck.

We actually got a teaser for this build last year in the first Gymkhana 10 trailer. At that point, the truck was bare metal but still recognizable to Ford aficionados as a late-1970s pickup. Specifically, this retro ride is a 1977 F-150 – a sentimental choice for Block as he learned to drive on a '77 F-150 his late father owned back in the day. That video teaser also featured a couple turbos sticking up, but we had no idea at the time they would be bolted to an aluminum EcoBoost V6 race engine.

Similar to the Hoonicorn Mustang, this F-150 isn't just an old shell with a big engine. The bodywork is all hand-shaped aluminum and the undercarriage is all-wheel drive. A Sadev six-speed gearbox shuffles the engine's prolific power to each wheel, and Block describes the driving experience as "crazy" in something with such size. He also says it looks crazy on camera, and apparently the sound from the high-strung sixer is powerful enough to save the world. Or possibly destroy it. In either case, we suspect people will be smiling.

Speaking of smiles, lest we forget that this is a pickup truck. Don't let the slammed suspension and rear wing fool you – the folks at Hoonigan say this old F-150 has Ford Pass remote start, a backup camera, and a hitch for towing that trailer-load of tires this truck will surely eat through.

The Hoonitruck's official public debut takes place next week at SEMA in Las Vegas, but you won't see it in action until December 7 when Block's Gymkhana 10 goes live on Amazon Prime.

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