Crazy Russian Jumps Burning Car Into Icy Lake Because Vodka

9 December 2018 - motor1

Crazy Russian Jumps Burning Car Into Icy Lake Because Vodka

When lighting a car on fire is the least dangerous part of a stunt, leave it to the pros.

This could be the most insane amateur video we've ever seen, and that's really saying something considering all the crazy stuff in our portfolio. The action itself isn't extremely dramatic, not that setting a car  on fire and jumping it off a cliff isn't dramatic. We've seen similar things before, but this is different for one very notable reason – there's a freaking person actually behind the wheel . . . for the whole stunt.

The clip comes from Russia, where apparently things get pretty boring in the winter months. ViralHog has the clip on YouTube, and there's a serious lack of background information to help us make even the slightest connection on why anyone would attempt such a feat. Yeah, we get the whole adrenaline-junkie thing, but jumping a car into an icy lake? Without any kind of emergency support team on hand? Without even wearing any kind of safety equipment? Somehow, the word Darwin doesn't quite cut it.

For the record, we see the driver surface from the icy water after a few harrowing moments below the surface so apparently, he was okay. Of the few people standing around the hole in the lake watching it happen, at least one person decided to go help the man out of the water so yeah, hooray for friends. The video description says the car reached 60 - 70 km/h (37 - 43 mph) and launched approximately 30 - 40 meters (98 - 131 feet) through the air, so aside from taking an ice water bath in a sinking car, this driver also had one hell of an impact to deal with. Do we even need to count the ways this could've gone horribly wrong? Yes, we do.

Had anything went screwy on the launch, the car could've landed sideways or on its roof. With the driver not wearing any obvious safety gear, serious injuries could've occurred upon the hard impact. Speaking of which, the driver is extremely lucky the impact alone didn't knock him out, and with the speed at which the car went under the water, he's even luckier he didn't get trapped by the car or the ice. If he had, nobody on the sidelines looked remotely prepared to dive into the water for a rescue. The one dude on the far side didn't even want to get his feet wet for crying out loud.

We'd advise people not to try this at home, but this time that probably goes without saying.

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