2024 BMW X5 LCI Gets Leaked in Sneaky Photos, Now's the Time To Be Excited

4 months, 2 weeks ago - 23 January 2023, autoevolution
2024 BMW X5 LCI Gets Leaked in Sneaky Photos, Now's the Time To Be Excited
The all-new 2024 BMW X5 won’t be just a mid-generational refresh. This SUV (or, as BMW calls it, SAV) is very important for the automaker. So, here’s what you should expect apart from these exterior look changes.

A Sports Activity Vehicle (SAV) that can take many forms and be extremely popular among those a little bit more well-off than others is not something easily achievable. You have to find the best compromise so as many prospective customers as possible will pull the trigger and get one. The X5 did it, and this is why we now know terms like “Life Cycle Impulse (LCI)” or SAV.

So, here it is – the leaks are starting to emerge from the shadows. The new version of the German automaker’s popular SUV is getting ready to replace the current model, so we get a good look at it before the official and complete reveal.

The first two photos that show the 2024 BMW X5 LCI confirm what we have been showing you for quite some time. The spy photos and the renders were almost on point. The front side view of the new SUV shows new headlights, a redesigned bumper, and a grille that might have not grown in size.

The headlamps borrow design cues from the all-new X3 and display a more aggressive shape with bolder daytime-running lights (DRLs). Their dimension, however, seems to be smaller than the current X5. There are some hints of blue as well, but since the parts shortage doesn’t look like it’s going to end soon… We can’t be sure that BMW decided to bring the Laserlight units back.

Less bling, more investing... In good overall looks!
Since this leaked 2024 BMW X5 LCI isn’t an M-Sport model, it doesn’t have the more aggressive bumper. Nor does it show any blacked-out bits and pieces, which tells us that Shadowline may be reserved for other, more expensive versions. However, it does indicate that BMW went for a more restrained look this time. There are fewer sculpted areas, and the vents are not as visible as before. The shiny bits do look good though. The automaker also seems to have given up on adding too many polycarbonate parts and went with an overall cleaner design.

Surprisingly, the (illuminated!) grille looks to be the same on the G05 LCI. Maybe the angle of the sneak peek isn’t that great, and it could hide bigger proportions. But, for the time being, we’re looking at an updated SUV that doesn’t necessarily come with outrageous modifications. Those seem to be reserved for the i7, X7, iX, and XM. The Bavarians are keeping the X5 (and probably the upcoming 5 Series, too) away from drastic changes.

The absence of the M-Sport trim is more visible when you take a good look at the second photo. The xLine lives on, and it’s good that BMW didn’t think about declaring it defunct. Some people may like the Bavarian automotive experience without giving up on functionality in everyday environments. So, the plastic bits and pieces remain on to protect the expensive paintwork.

The rear of the upcoming X5 also debuts some interesting new taillights. Mind you, they might look weird at first. However, nothing unseen before gets to impress from weirdly angled leaked shots. They look bigger and have slightly redesigned housing. Inside, the LEDs seem to have taken a horizontal L-shaped look. From just this angle alone, we get the hint that the current-gen’s taillights have been brought inward, enlarged, and made slimmer for a more contemporary look.

The same photo shows that BMW didn’t bother with changing the SUV’s doors. They still don’t extend all the way down, so you’ll still get your pants dirty when the weather inevitably does its thing and you’ll touch the wide door sill.

Don't rush to judgment
We don’t get a great look at the SUV’s interior, but we can safely assume it will follow in the iX’s footsteps by adopting the same pair of iDrive 8 screens. We’ll see if BMW chose not to give its customers physical climate controls.

The leaked model looks like a BMW X5 xDrive40i, meaning it has the six-cylinder mild hybrid gas-powered engine hiding under the hood. However, insiders have already shared and given us essential information. Last spring, we learned a couple of notable things and shared them with our readers. For example, we’ve told you that the much-hyped S68 4.4-liter V8 engine is going to make its appearance on the next X5 M60i after debuting on the current X7 M60i and, in a more powerful setup, on the X5 M Competition (and the next M5).

But one of the most notable powertrain changes will most likely be found on the plug-in hybrid X5 xDrive50e after effectively evolving from the current xDrive45e with a power bump of almost 100 hp.

Finally, we’ll keep an eye out for more leaks. For now, this is all that’s out there. Until the official reveal, try not to form an opinion. If the last couple of new BMW debuts has taught us anything is that anyone should wait to see the vehicle in real life, not only online. Moreover, even though the X5 was seen camouflaged in California lately, the leaked example seems to be a European model because the amber side marker lights are absent.

The X5 is very important for BMW, so it’s highly unlikely that they are going to screw up something important about it. One thing’s for sure – we can’t wait to drive it and tell you everything about the LCI.

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