New BMW X5 drops almost all camo in new spy shots

6 February 2018 - autoblog

New BMW X5 drops almost all camo in new spy shots

It looks like the upcoming, long-awaited facelift for the BMW X5 is picking some inspiration from the X7 concept unveiled in September.

For one thing, the BMW kidneys have verifiably ballooned to resemble a baleen whale's gab. They really are large, and they dominate the front end of this camouflaged X5 — a test mule that was spotted back in November had more protective plastic on, with only the hood shutline hinting of more sizable nostrils. Giving the X5 and X7 a similar look only makes sense, as the X7 will take the X5's place as the flagship SUV in BMW's portfolio, and undoubtedly anyone choosing an X5 will not want to be perceived as driving a lesser model.

Otherwise, the rest of the updated model seems to keep business as usual, with only a thin foil working as camouflage. There are LED foglights on the test vehicle, and the side's character line pronounces the car's hip shape more clearly. The taillights show a rearrangement on the back hatch, but the greenhouse will not deviate much from the 2015-on version. Early indications are that the powerplant portfolio will rely on turbocharged sixes and eights, and it's likely to have a plug-in hybrid variant on offer as well.

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