2020 VW Corrado Rendering Based on Golf 8 Is for Car Hipsters

11 November 2019 - autoevolution

2020 VW Corrado Rendering Based on Golf 8 Is for Car Hipsters

Are you the type of person who thinks modern cars are too boring and clinically built but don't want to deal with the mechanical and financial nightmare of a 70's classic?

Well, get yourself something like the Volkswagen Corrado.

This is Volkswagen's sports coupe of the 1990s and has been largely forgotten. Tuners still play around with the odd Golf or Jetta of that era, yet this is ignored for some reason. It's understandable, considering its stand-out feature is being shaped like a box. But if DeLorean ever made an economy car, it probably would look something like this.

We think the Corrado is like the Lexus RC of its era in that it's a bit of mongrel, with the rear suspension taken from the Passat like the RC has GS rear platform bits. Plus both were probably made with some kind of Porsche rivalry in mind. It's also front-wheel-drive, while most of the iconic coupes from that period are RWD.

But it was quick, even by the standards we have two decades later, with a 0 to 62mph time of roughly 7 seconds. The VR6 engine is largely to thank for that, a setup that's sorely lacking in today's four-cylinder hatchback world. Of course, there were 'vanilla' versions too, as with most VWs, like a base 116 horsepower 2-liter with eight valves.

This rendering by the Russian website Kolesa is the first mention we've made of the Corrado in many years. Obviously, this takes advantage of the recent Golf 8 launch, hammering some boxy lines back into the hatchback, turning it into a 3-door and sprinkling some 90's simplicity on top.

Of course, Volkswagen isn't even going to look into another 3-door coupe based on the Golf platform. If you're going to launch an interesting German sports model next decade, it's probably going to be electric and crossover-shaped, like the potential successor to the TT or Beetle.

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