2020 Kia XCeed Officially Previewed Ahead Of June 26 Debut

9 June 2019 - motor1

2020 Kia XCeed Officially Previewed Ahead Of June 26 Debut

Kia says it has a coupe-like profile, but we're not seeing it.

While North America, India and other parts of the world are about to receive the Seltos compact crossover, Europe is getting ready to meet the XCeed. It's the fourth member of the Ceed family after the hatchback, wagon, and the stylish Proceed "shooting brake" and will slot underneath the Sportage in the company's high-riding portfolio. Will it clash with the smaller Stonic? Kia doesn't seem to think so as the two will peacefully coexist in the company's ever-growing lineup.

For the time being, Kia is only sharing a single image showing the side profile of the XCeed. Finished in a vibrant color, the model appears to be a jacked-up version of the Ceed hatchback rather than a true crossover. It's got the usual ingredients: plastic body cladding, lifted suspension, roof rails, and side moldings at the bottom of the doors.

In a bid to separate it from the standard five-door hatch, Kia's designers from its European center in Frankfurt, Germany have modified the roofline to give it a slightly sweptback look. We wouldn't go as far as saying it is "coupe-like" as mentioned in the press release, but we can at least give credit to Kia for not carrying over the hatchback's roof.

Kia isn't going into any details about engines and whatnot, but surely the XCeed will borrow the mechanical bits from the other members of the Ceed family. As such, expect a turbocharged three-cylinder 1.0-liter to power the base model with 118 hp, with the more expensive ones getting the larger four-cylinder 1.4-liter rated at 138 hp. Kia might also throw in the 1.6-liter diesel with 114 hp and quite possibly a plug-in hybrid setup with a gasoline mill. Both a six-speed manual gearbox and a dual-clutch, seven-speed automatic transmission should be on the menu.

Despite its crossover genes, the Kia XCeed is expected to be offered exclusively with a front-wheel-drive layout since none of the other Ceed models or the Stonic come with an all-paw setup. If you want AWD, you'll have to step up to the Sportage.

The full reveal is scheduled for June 26.

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