You Can Buy An F1-Inspired Renault Van Because, Why Not?

12 September 2017 - motor1

You Can Buy An F1-Inspired Renault Van Because, Why Not?

No, these aren't nearly as exciting as the 1994 Espace F1 minivan.

Taking the whole idea of a special edition to unprecedented heights, Renault is giving the Kangoo, Trafic, and Master vans the Formula Edition in the United Kingdom. Renault Pro+, the go-to shop for professionals, has inked a deal with the company's F1 team to become the official logistics partner. And what better way to celebrate the tie-up if not with an F1-inspired trio of vans?

All three of them share the Yellow Sirius accents inherited from the R.S 17 race car - currently being used in the F1 season – and combined with either a Pearlescent Black or a Star Grey primary color. The same theme has been carried over onto the mostly black alloy wheels contrasted by the center yellow cap.

While the Formula Edition is a far cry from the 1994 Espace F1 concept pictured above, which actually had an F1 engine, it is an interesting way to spice up an otherwise boring vehicle primarily used as a workhorse.

Renault isn't ready just yet to reveal the interiors, but it does say the Formula Edition for the Trafic comes bundled with a Luxe Pack adding goodies like a leather-wrapped gear knob, glossy black air vent surrounds, chrome door handles, satin finish for the radio, and a closed storage on the dash. In the case of the Master, the same pack brings along chrome instrument dial surrounds, satin air vents, and a more upmarket center console.

Should you be willing to fork out more money, the Kangoo and Trafic can both be fitted with a leather steering wheel, while special floor mats and cruise control are available across the range. With the three LCVs being based on the Business+ trim, it means the list of equipment includes manual AC (with pollen filter), Bluetooth and USB connectivity, as well as with DAB digital radio, and a multi-functional trip computer.

The vans are available on order starting today in the U.K., with full details about pricing in the press release below.


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