Skoda Kamiq GT Revealed To Spice Up China's Small Crossover Segment

7 November 2019 - motor1

Skoda Kamiq GT Revealed To Spice Up China's Small Crossover Segment

A more attractive alternative to the regular Kamiq sold in China.

There was a time not that long ago when Skoda's sole crossover was the Yeti, which wasn't even a true CUV as it looked more like a funky hatchback with better ground clearance. It's the end of 2019 and the Mladá Boleslav marque is adding a fifth crossover by introducing the Kamiq GT as a China-only model to join the Kodiaq GT also sold exclusively in the People's Republic.

It looks surprisingly more upscale than the regular CN-spec Kamiq thanks to a joint effort by the automaker's design team at home in the Czech Republic and SAIC Skoda in China. They wanted to go for a coupe-like silhouette, and even though the roofline is not nearly as sloped as one would expect from a coupe, it does lend the crossover a sleeker profile.

Interestingly, the Kamiq GT is 19 millimeters (0.7 inches) longer than the regular crossover, stretching out at 4409 mm (173.5 in) while carrying over the same width and wheelbase. The two design teams took their time updating the design as we can clearly see the front fascia has been revised as well to lend the GT version a sportier look in a bid to better appeal to China's young crowd.

The side profile reveals a new set of two-tone 17-inch alloy wheels and a chrome trim along the window line complemented by the silver roof rails. At the back, the LED taillights are wider than those of the standard Kamiq for China and feature new graphics, while the redesign bumper has a plastic structure resembling a diffuser. Thankfully, the ghastly faux exhaust finishers of the regular model have been removed.

Rounding off the changes on the outside are novelties like the panoramic glass roof and a Modern Gold metallic body paint. At an additional cost, buyers will be able to order the Kamiq GT with the roof painted in a contrasting color.

The interior has been largely carried over from the standard crossover, but there are some minor tweaks like the brushed metal-effect trim on the dashboard and a "GT" emblem on the passenger side. Miscellaneous updates such as design details color-coordinated with the body's finish and the sporty front seats with greater later support and embroidered "GT" logos have been added.

Much like the bigger Kodiaq GT, the new Kamiq GT is going to remain a China-only affair.

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