Russian firm wants to build electric Mustang with 840 hp and all-wheel drive

14 December 2018 - autoblog

Russian firm wants to build electric Mustang with 840 hp and all-wheel drive

Called the Aviar R67, it's designed to look like a 1967 Fastback

One company in Russia is looking to prep an electric Mustang before Ford makes one of its own. Well, who knows if this thing will ever actually be made, but the renderings sure look cool. Using the classic design of a 1967 Ford Mustang Fastback, this 'Stang chooses electricity over gasoline. Aviar, the Russian company behind the R67, claims some bonkers performance numbers for what we can only consider vaporware for the time being.

Acceleration to 62 miles per hour of the would-be coupe is said to take 2.2 seconds on the way to a 155-mph top speed. Aviar also predicts a crazy long 315-mile range. Who knows what testing cycle they're using to predict such a thing, but it's probably hugely exaggerated — an old Mustang does not have the aerodynamic qualities of new electric cars. Power is also a ridiculous figure at 840 horsepower. Two electric motors pull energy from a 100-kWh battery pack to make all this possible. One motor on each axle would give the Mustang all-wheel drive — Aviar did not specify if four-wheel burnouts would be possible, but with that many ponies, they ought to be.

The chassis would be made out of an aluminum/carbon fiber mix with full carbon fiber bodywork. At 75 mph, the rear spoiler would rise up to provide a bit more stability. An air suspension system capable of changing the ride height by up to 2.9 inches upon demand is also specced.

There isn't much on the inside of these renderings that resembles any sort of Mustang. A huge 17-inch Tesla-like screen is the center stack, presumably giving you a bunch of controls for the car. Judging by Aviar's description, the screen would be just like any other infotainment system found in most cars. Air vents look like they were Photoshopped right out of a Mercedes, and the door handles look suspiciously like Tesla's. So yeah, it's a bit of a copycat. Shockingly, Aviar claims to have included active safety tech like collision avoidance and automatic emergency braking. It has stability control and seven airbags to boot. That sure does sound complicated for a company that hasn't produced a car yet.

Now that you know all the objectively good things about the possible car, we can examine some strange parts. For one, Aviar has said it would program it to simulate the engine and exhaust system of the classic Shelby GT500 on the inside. Yep, that's pretty weird. In addition to that, the car would come with a one-year warranty. We can almost guarantee nobody in the U.S. would know how to work on this thing if it breaks. On top of that, Aviar does not list a price. Rather, it has written "on demand," next to the price descriptor. From how much nutty tech and performance is planned for this thing, we imagine something with seven figures would be inevitable. But there you have it, an electric, Russian super-Mustang ready for takeoff. Or, maybe ready, like most of the other electric car vaporware traversing the internet these days.


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