Renault Finally Reveals 2020 Twingo Z.E., Dacia EV Incoming

26 February 2020 - autoevolution

Renault Finally Reveals 2020 Twingo Z.E., Dacia EV Incoming

Along with a concept that previews the first-ever electric car from Dacia, the Renault Groupe prepares to roll out the Twingo Z.E. Previously expected with the same 17.6-kWh battery as the smart EQ forfour, the French interloper actually boasts 22 kWh and up to 250 kilometers of city driving range.

That's 155 miles if you were wondering, and on the combined cycle, Renault estimated 180 kilometers (112 miles). That's still pretty good for a vehicle this small and limited battery capacity, more so if you remember that the Twingo Z.E. will cost less than the Zoe Z.E. subcompact hatchback.

Described as "the queen of the city" and "a real super city car" for some reason or another, the Twingo Z.E. can be charged at 11 kW in a little more than two hours. Upgrading to 22 kW translates to 63 minutes. Owners who can't do better than a 2.3-kW domestic socket need 13 hours and 30 minutes.

The seventh EV from Renault borrows the rear-mounted electric motor from the EQ forfour, translating to 82 PS and 160 Nm (118 pound-feet) of torque. Top speed, therefore, is limited to 135 kph (84 miles per hour) while accelerating from zero to 50 kilometers per hour (31 mph) takes four seconds.

Being an A-segment vehicle with five doors and seating for four adults, it's easy to highlight this fellow's main competitors. The Volkswagen Group is the culprit with the e-up! and the badge-engineered SEAT Mii Electric and Skoda Citigo iV. All three are rated 265 kilometers under the combined driving cycle, working out at 165 miles from a 36.8-kWh battery of the lithium-ion type.

Scheduled to arrive in Geneva on March 3rd, the 2020 Renault Twingo Z.E. should go on sale in the Old Continent (excluding the United Kingdom) in the coming months. First deliveries, therefore, are likely to happen in the summer at the earliest.

As for the Dacia EV mentioned beforehand, the Romanian automaker hasn't confirmed if we'll be treated to a re-badged Twingo Z.E. or something a little more different. More to the point, the City K-ZE electric crossover from China could serve as the basis for the mystery model.

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