Range Rover Allegedly On Snow Tires Gets Defeated By Snowy Hill

1 year, 5 months ago - 22 December 2021, motor1
Range Rover Allegedly On Snow Tires Gets Defeated By Snowy Hill
Ranger Rovers can do anything right?

Well, we thought the same thing until we saw this embarrassing display of snowy weather performance from a new Ranger Rover Sport. After all of the off-road demonstrations and clever electronic systems, you would think a Ranger Rover Sport could easily take on a snowy hill.

This video may prove otherwise. To further confuse us, the makers of this video also claim that this Ranger Rover Sport was on winter tires which, makes us very skeptical considering the resulting performance.

Driving in the snow is tricky, to say the least. In these low grip situations, it's critical to have the correct set of winter tires. Sure all-wheel-drive and locking differentials are great, but if you can’t gain any traction, you’ll never be able to use your systems to their full potential. That’s why we find it very suspect that this Range Rover Sport was on any sort of winter tires.

If you don’t believe me then maybe our tire expert friend, Jonathan Benson from Tyre Reviews can give you some insight.

"I would be very surprised if it was on any sort of winter tire. Typically, Michelin winter tires are outstanding in the snow. The other option is that there's essentially polished ice underneath the snowfall where it's been down for a few days and melted/refrozen, which if combined with a lead right foot, would make the vehicle handle like this."

Having an off-road capable SUV like a Range Rover Sport can inspire confidence to venture out in difficult weather conditions. However, if you don’t have the correct set of tires or knowledge of how to use your SUV in these conditions, you’re probably better off staying home where you're much safer until the snow melts.

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