Porsche 911 Turbo caught looking ready for the showroom floor

9 September 2019 - autoblog

Porsche 911 Turbo caught looking ready for the showroom floor

Here's our best look yet at the 992 Turbo

The last time we saw a good picture of the 911 Turbo was via Instagram. Somebody allegedly took a photo of a 911 Turbo sitting on the factory floor with no disguise or camouflage in sight. These photos are similar, albeit with a few differences.

For one, there isn't much in the way of camouflage covering the car. Design elements are clear and easy to see, with scoops open and details on display. The front bumper looks as close to a finished product as we're going to get, and the rear end is close to totally exposed, as well. One major difference is the exhaust design. Instead of the angular quad exhaust seen on the previous 911 Turbo (and in the leaked photo), this 911 has dual oval exhaust outlets sticking out of the rear valance. This makes it look a whole lot like the 911 Carrera S with the optional Sport Exhaust system from the rear. Maybe Porsche will be offering an optional exhaust on the Turbo? It's unclear for now, but differences between this car and the regular 992 still abound.

Most obvious is the wider rear end and air intakes on the fenders. There's a high, fixed wing and some extra meaty tires, too. Production-style wheels and yellow-painted brake calipers are prominent, making this tester look even more production-ready. Some of the only camouflage visible is around the rear taillights. You can see what that section of the car will look like using the old leaked photo, though.

As for the Cabriolet, it also looks like a Turbo model with the massive rear haunches. We haven't seen the Turbo in Cabriolet form yet in spy photos, so this is our first look at this particular 911 variant. The wheels appear to be identical to the set we saw on the leaked factory photo, as well. We're loving the look of those wide rear fenders and gaping inlets on both sides. The wheel design on the coupe is rather enticing, as well. These big "T" Turbos should be dropping soon if these spy shots are anything to go by, so watch out for the ridiculous horsepower and acceleration figures to follow.

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