Polestar 2 fastback revealed as a beacon of electric performance

1 March 2019 - autoblog

Polestar 2 fastback revealed as a beacon of electric performance

Clean design, 408 hp and 487 lb-ft, and a 275-mile driving range

Polestar, the electrified automaker spun off from Volvo, wowed us in 2017 with its first vehicle at its reveal in Shanghai. Polestar 1, as the plug-in hybrid was called, was a stunning coupe with 600 horsepower and 737 pound-feet of torque. Back then, the company was already dropping details about its next car, a less-expensive sedan with an all-electric powertrain. Since then, we've heard more details and even got a little teaser of the car. Now, the wait is over, and Polestar has taken the wraps off of the Polestar 2 fastback ahead of its appearance at the 2019 Geneva Motor Show.

Meant to be more widely offered and attainable than the Polestar 1, the 2 will be priced around $63,000 for the launch edition before any federal or local tax incentives. (It will later be offered under Polestar's subscription model.) It will still offer plenty of performance for that price, with its all-wheel-drive electric powertrain providing 408 horsepower and 487 pound-feet of torque. It boasts a 0-62 mph sprint of under 5 seconds.

With exciting driving dynamics being a key component of the Polestar brand, the 2 offers a Performance Pack that adds Öhlins dampers, Brembo brakes, 20-inch forged wheels and sport tires, as well as gold seat belts, brake calipers and valve stem caps.

The Polestar 2 borrows the Compact Modular Architecture platform from its parent company, Volvo. Its 78-kWh battery, comprised of 27 modules, is integrated into the car's floor for ideal interior room and a low center of gravity. Polestar expects an EPA-rated driving range of 275 miles.

The Polestar 2's infotainment system uses Google's Android platform at its foundation, with Google apps and services — like Google Maps, Assistant and Play — built right into it. The centerpiece is an 11-inch touchscreen, as well as a natural voice recognition system. Polestar 2 also uses phone-as-key technology, which can prepare the car for driving as the driver approaches.

We like the look of the Polestar 2, with its clean, architectural design, athletic stance and convenient — and handsome — rear hatch. Inside, there are more of the clean lines and simplicity, with attractive materials, lack of clutter and a digital instrument cluster. No animals were harmed in creating the Polestar 2's interior, as it keeps the green theme with a vegan interior.

"Polestar 2 is our first fully electric car and first volume model. Everything about it has been designed and engineered with passion and dedication," said Polestar CEO Thomas Ingenlath. "As an electric performance brand, and through the forthcoming launch of a portfolio of fully electric cars, Polestar is determined to address the world's air quality challenges. Polestar delivers electric performance cars that are great to own and drive."

The Polestar 2 will first be offered in the U.S., Canada, China, the U.K., Belgium, Germany, Holland, Norway and Sweden. Polestar plans to follow this model up with an electric crossover called the Polestar 3, which we can expect to see unveiled next year.

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