Next-Gen BMW 2 Series Active Tourer Fleet Spied In The Alps

24 June 2020 - motor1

Next-Gen BMW 2 Series Active Tourer Fleet Spied In The Alps

Testing continues for the quirky crossover.

BMW is very active in regards to testing its forthcoming 2 Series Active Tourer. A fleet of prototypes recently took to the Alps for some mountain testing, and spy photographers were there to capture the action. This time around we're even given a glimpse of the interior, though these cars are obviously far from production-spec.

We've seen spy images of the interior before, though these offer a bit more clarity. The dual digital screens are certainly impossible to miss, and there appears to be a slight curve towards the center. Wire looms and bulky switchgear for testing point to the prototype nature of these vehicles, but you'll also notice a distinct lack of controls on the dash. That suggests functions for the radio and climate control will be primarily relegated to the touchscreen. As such, the Active Tourer should have a very clean, minimalist interior layout.

Looking outside, we see further evidence that these vehicles are far from production-ready. Camouflage levels haven't changed since our previous sighting six months ago, with the grille and front clip still well-concealed. The swirl wrap serves to disguise body lines, but the small crossover's design is certainly recognizable and evolutionary in nature. Placeholder taillights are visible at the rear, and a trailer hitch on at least one test vehicle suggests BMW engineers are thoroughly exercising these 2 Series prototypes in the mountains.

Despite a conservative exterior design compared to the current model, the forthcoming 2 Series Active Tourer will be a completely new machine. It will grow slightly in size, so as to better carry passengers and a plug-in hybrid powertrain. Diesel and gasoline engines will also be offered, driving either the front wheels or all four.

We originally thought BMW would debut this Euro-only model by the end of 2020. That estimate was back before coronavirus turned the world on its head; now we're expecting the new Bimmer to officially be unveiled in 2021, likely as a 2022 model.


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