Kia Pits Stinger Gt Against Porsche Panamera, Bmw 640i Gran Coupe

4 years, 6 months ago - 23 January 2018, motor1
Kia Pits Stinger Gt Against Porsche Panamera, Bmw 640i Gran Coupe
This time, the comparison is serious.

Now, Kia is doing its own BMW comparison, and tossing in a Porsche Panamera for good measure. Of course, with the comparo coming from Kia directly you can probably guess the outcome. Even with the tests conducted by an independent agency, we're pretty sure the automaker wouldn't post up a video of its prize fighter getting lambasted. Still, the video does show what many people have said about the Stinger after driving it. The car has moves, and power, and it's not afraid to use them – even when the competition is twice as expensive.

Whereas the BMW for our comparison matched up in price, Kia chose the larger – and far more expensive – 640i Gran Coupe M Sport that matches in size and power. The Panamera is admittedly a base model, but again, the price is still more than double the Stinger, and at 330 horsepower it's not what you'd call outclassed. The testers then subjected the cars to 0-60 blasts, skid pad tests, slalom runs, and a closed-course lap. We'll leave the details to the video, but according to the independent judgement, the 640i lost at every juncture, with the Stinger and Panamera swapping victories by the slimmest of margins.Not bad for something half the price.

Yes, Kia  recently held a rather funny comparison between its new Forte and a Lamborghini Aventador, but the Stinger is no joke. The dark days of Kia with throwaway vehicles like the Sephia are over.

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