Jeep Gladiator Gets Gecko Paint, Gorilla Glass Becomes Factory Option

1 year, 10 months ago - 3 August 2021, motor1
Jeep Gladiator Gets Gecko Paint, Gorilla Glass Becomes Factory Option
The strong windshield only costs $95.

Jeep keeps the Wrangler and Gladiator fresh with a bold, new color for the pickup. Plus, buyers of both models can now get the Gorilla Glass windshield straight from the factory, rather than just a replacement part.

Gecko green is now a color choice for the Gladiator, but you need to act fast to order one because Jeep stops offering the shade on the pickup in October 2021. The bright paint is a $245 option. Gecko is still available as a choice on the Wrangler until the end of August.

The Gorilla Glass windshield will be available as a factory option for the Gladiator and Wrangler, and Jeep will charge just $95 for it. The piece will be a choice on the Wrangler Sport S, Sahara, and Rubicon trim levels, in addition to the Overland and Mojave grades of the Gladiator.

This Gorilla Glass uses the same chemical strengthening process as the panels for things like mobile phone screens. The construction uses a sandwich with a ply of Gorilla Glass in the center and outer panels that are 52 percent thicker than usual.

Jeep claims the windshield is three times more resistant to chips, cracks, and fractures. For folks who intend to take their Wrangler or Gladiator off-road, this extra strength could be a major selling point for this option.

Earlier in July, Jeep announced the Gorilla Glass windshield as an available replacement part for Gladiator and Wrangler. They start at $793 and go as high as $932 for a version that's applicable with a forward camera, surround heater, and embedded antenna. Jeep also offers the ultra-strong panel for the previous-gen 2007-2018 Wrangler for $645. 

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