Jaguar will end production of the XJ sedan in July

31 May 2019 - autoblog

Jaguar will end production of the XJ sedan in July

Expect an electric replacement for the flagship British saloon

It's the end of the line for Jaguar's long-running XJ sedan, at least as we've come to know it today. Jaguar has confirmed to Autoblog that production of the current XJ will end this summer, with a report from Autocar suggesting that July 5 is the official end date. The brand's flagship sedan will get a replacement, and a spokesperson further confirmed to us that Jaguar will "continue the XJ nameplate." What's not entirely clear is when that vehicle will hit the market, or exactly what form it will take.

At least we have some good clues. A few months back at the New York Auto Show, Jaguar design chief Ian Callum told us that "the XJ will be replaced" by a "like-size" car. He also hinted that they would be "doing more battery cars at Jaguar," and that the plan wouldn't be "just batteries put in an old car." Connecting the dots, it seems likely that the XJ will be replaced by a large flagship electric sedan.

Just last year, Jaguar celebrated the XJ's 50th anniversary with a special limited-edition model called the XJ50, and punctuated that debut with a lovely roadtrip that started at Jaguar's home in Coventry and concluded at the Paris Motor Show.

But before we get too sentimental about what's come before, we ought to remember that the XJ's very name stands for "eXperimental Jaguar." So whatever comes next — likely a swoopy aluminum-intensive sedan chock full of batteries and a couple of powerful electric motors — will fit right in line with the British flagship's original mission statement. Onward and upward, chaps.

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