Honda Goldwing airbag recall spreads Takata mess to motorcycles

3 June 2016

Honda Goldwing airbag recall spreads Takata mess to motorcycles

Recall, after recall, after recall, one thing has remained constant in the Takata airbag quagmire: The disaster has been confined to the four-wheeled realm. Not any longer. The Honda Goldwing, the first and so far the only motorcycle equipped with an airbag from the factory, has been recalled.

A total of 2,701 motorcycles are involved in this recall, spanning the 2006 through 2010 model years, and only in certain regions. It's sort of confusing, so we suggest perusing the official notice below for all the details. But the gist is the same as ever – Takata's airbag inflators can rupture, potentially propelling shards of metal shrapnel at the vehicle's occupants. Or in this case, the motorcycle riders.

Only Goldwings sold or operated in areas with high humidity or frequent temperature cycling are being recalled at this time. No schedule for repairs and replacements has yet been announced, but owners are invited to call Honda at 1-866-784-1870 for more information. As always, you can check the recall status of your vehicle with NHTSA's lookup tool using your car or bike's VIN.


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