Honda CR-V: second-gen car recalled for electrical fire risk

1 year, 5 months ago - 17 December 2020, autocar
Honda CR-V: second-gen car recalled for electrical fire risk
Nearly 78,000 CR-Vs built between 2002 and 2006 to be recalled after 2012 window switch fix found to be ineffective

Honda has confirmed it will recall nearly 78,000 UK examples of the CR-V as part of a wider global recall to fix an electrical short circuit risk.

In a statement sent to Autocar, Honda UK admits 77,836 examples of the SUV, built at the firm's Swindon factory between 2002 and 2006, are affected by the recall.

The issue has stemmed from an early recall in 2012 to "prevent liquid exposure to the inside" of the power window master switch (PWMS). The original fix saw Butyl tape applied to the switch, but Honda now admits "a gap could exist between the applied Butyl tape and PWMS case" that could allow liquid to accumulate and then enter the switch.

"Once liquid enters into the PWMS, a short circuit could occur," the statement reads. "After that, there is a possibility that migration advances and heat is generated causing the PWMS to melt and expand. This could then lead to the PWMS and adjacent parts to overheat, smoke, and in worst case catch fire."

Owners of all affected CR-Vs will be contacted by letter and work will be completed by an authorised Honda dealer or repairer free of charge.

The UK recall is part of a much larger programme of fixes announced yesterday. In the US, 1.4 million cars will be recalled in four separate campaigns involving issues such as body control module malfunctions and corroding drive shafts.