GMC Says These Sneakers Are Inspired By Hummer EV, But We Don't See It

1 year, 9 months ago - 1 March 2021, motor1
GMC Says These Sneakers Are Inspired By Hummer EV, But We Don't See It
Help, anyone?

Inspiration can come from anywhere, especially for designers. We've heard these creatives talk several times before about what inspired them to pen their creations, and we weren't actually surprised. The designer of the new Ford F-150 Raptor said that he was inspired by Iron Man, while a Mansory lawnmower (yes, there's one) was born thanks to the super-sleek Air Jordan XI Jubilee.

John Geiger, a sneaker designer, was apparently inspired by the GMC Hummer EV with his latest creation, the GMC Hummer EV 002 Low Lunar.

There's just one problem, though – we're not seeing it.

If we're to take GMC's word on this sneaker design, you'll get lost in navigating through the flowery words of the short press release. GMC describes the Hummer EV as revolutionary, and, we believe that to some extent. The company also describes the footwear as revolutionary – we're not so sure on that one.

In fairness to Geiger, he explained how he drew inspiration from Hummer EV into designing the shoe. He said that when he entered the EV truck and started it, the lunar landscape startup graphic gave him the idea, which is a bit shallow if you ask us.

The GMC Hummer EV 002 Low Lunar has a sticker price of $320 on John Geiger's website but you can't order it right now since it's currently sold out in all sizes. It's a limited-edition shoe anyway, so the hype could be real for this pair.

Don't get me wrong – I'm a sneakerhead myself and I do love how this newest John Geiger looks, but we just can't point out the connection between the EV truck and this moon-printed rubber shoe. 

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