Five-Year Old Caught Driving To California To Buy A Lamborghini

7 May 2020 - motor1

Five-Year Old Caught Driving To California To Buy A Lamborghini

His mom wouldn't buy one, so he decided to do it himself.

The actions of this Lambo-loving five-year-old haven't gone unnoticed. A report from KUTV says just one day after the incident went viral, the family met with a local Lamborghini owner who took the youngster for a ride. Furthermore, the family and KUTV News say they've been flooded with offers to sit and ride in other Lamborghinis.

If the parents of this decidedly headstrong five-year-old young boy happen upon this article, we want you to see the silver lining in this incident. Not only did the youngster manage to successfully operate this SUV, he drove it on the highway without hitting anyone. More importantly, he promptly pulled over and stopped when Utah State Trooper Rick Morgan turned on his cruiser's lights and siren. Frankly, there are many full-grown men – usually not wearing shirts – that lack such wisdom and common sense when facing an encounter with the law. So kudos to this kid for making a smart decision.

Of course, it all began with a no-so-smart decision, as outlined in a Twitter post from the Utah Highway Patrol.

On May 4, this determined boy set out on a trip to California after allegedly having an argument with his mom. For reasons we cannot possibly understand, the youngster was compelled to climb inside is mom's SUV and head west. His motivation? Mom refused to buy him a Lamborghini, so he was going to go and buy one his own damn self. And he apparently had $3 burning a hole in his pocket for the purchase.

Actually, we do understand – who doesn't want a Lamborghini? And if we're completely honest, we're a bit jealous of this kid's determination to make it happen. We've all been there, ready to pull the trigger on a dream car only to have someone else say no. That said, we don't condone anyone not of legal driving age making a supercar pilgrimage to California, or any pilgrimage where they take the wheel. If you have a license to drive and sheer determination, however, go make your dreams come true.

And yes, that apparently is the actual story here. According to CNN, Trooper Morgan pulled the car over expecting to find a drunk driver behind the wheel. Instead, he found a five-year-old that could barely reach the pedals, never mind see what was going on outside. As for the parents, the report says they were out of the house when the joyride occurred, leaving the youngster in the care of a sibling. And since we're dealing with at least one very young person, everyone relating to this family is comfortably anonymous.

Hopefully this becomes an isolated incident that, at some point in the future, everyone can laugh about. In the meantime, here's a message for mom and dad. When this young driver-in-waiting is finally not grounded (presumably before he's old enough to drive legally), get him a Hot Wheels Lambo as a consolation gift. After all, he did promptly stop for the cops. That's gotta be worth a little something.

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