Editors' Choice: Best Convertibles For The Summer

4 July 2016

Editors' Choice: Best Convertibles For The Summer

Great convertibles for the summer season

The trouble with buying a convertible is the premium you pay for that retracting top and open-air driving. But there is not much that feels better on the right kind of day than a topless ride.

Now that the weather has warmed up all around the country, it's getting harder and harder to suppress that desire for open-air driving. The thought of the sun warming the back of your neck, the wind rushing through your hair and over your ears, the smell of the grass and trees is enough to get anyone thinking about taking a saw to their hardtops or, more practically, hitting the dealership for a great value convertible.

Autoblog's editors have compiled a list of what we believe are the five best drop-top buys that provide the best value and the most driving fun. Click through to see what we like for summer 2016.

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