Classic Honda CB750 Gets an Understated Makeover, “The Mighty Four” Is Born

1 year, 10 months ago - 4 August 2021, autoevolution
Classic Honda CB750 Gets an Understated Makeover, “The Mighty Four” Is Born
That unmistakable fuel tank will always give away its true identity, and we’re glad it’s been retained.

In a world where the custom motorcycle culture is becoming increasingly popular, the workshop we’ll be talking about today is a real blessing. The enterprise in question goes by the name of Caffeine Custom, a Brazil-based garage that’s been co-founded by Bruno Costa and Tiago Zilli back in 2014. A quick look at our favorite Caffeine-infused build (aka “The Mighty Four”) will reveal why we’re genuinely enthralled by these folks’ abilities, so let’s dive straight in and see what’s at hand here.

The chosen donor was a 1979 model from Honda’s glorified CB750K range. To be more exact, CC’s undertaking revolves around the limited-edition variant released that year, which marks the lineup’s tenth anniversary. It is put in motion thanks to an air-cooled 748cc inline-four mill, with sixteen valves, four Keihin carbs and a compression ratio of 9.2:1.

At optimal rpm, the engine will deliver 77 horses and 49 pound-feet (67 Nm) of twist to a six-speed transmission. The rear wheel is spun by a chain final drive, leading to a respectable top speed of 124 mph (200 kph). When the four-banger arrived on their premises, Brazil’s specialists began by lowering the forks to bring about a level bone line.

Next, the stock subframe has been discarded in favor of a bespoke counterpart, on top of which you’ll find a solo Alcantara-clad saddle and one snazzy tail section. The new tail is tasked with housing the bike’s relocated electrics, along with a lithium-ion battery, a Motogadget m-Unit and an integrated LED lighting strip. CB750’s original Comstar hoops were enveloped in a pair of Firestone Champion Deluxe tires.

At the front end, the machine sports a custom top clamp, clip-on handlebars and a single aftermarket gauge, as well as a fresh headlight module and a handmade fender. The clip-ons – which are complemented by a Honda CB900’s rear-mounted foot pegs – come equipped with bar-end blinkers, premium switches and Biltwell grips. Finally, the inline-four powerplant received a stainless-steel exhaust system and a quartet of velocity stacks for good measure.

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