BMW X2 spied in gleaming lime gold paint

12 October 2017 - autoblog

BMW X2 spied in gleaming lime gold paint

The road to revealing the production BMW X2 has really been dragged out.

We've been seeing prototypes with less and less camouflage leading up to its reveal, only for BMW to officially show it off in, wait for it, camouflage vinyl. Well, one of our spy photographers finally puts the teasing to bed with clear shots of an X2 in bare paint and plastic, with just a couple slivers of bodywork covered.

The car is painted in a bold lime gold color that seems to work quite nicely on it. It also managed to hold on to many of the concept's design cues. The generally low roof (raised a bit on the production model), the hockey-stick beltline, and D-pillar-mounted badges were all evident in other prototypes and on the concept. What we can see better now is the front fascia. The angry headlights and forward-leaning grille survived and look sporty and aggressive here. We can also see vestiges of the concept's large intake inlets on each side of the bumper. They're revealed by the hard crease that comes off of the grille and extends horizontally until wrapping around the foglight bezel and merging with the lower lip spoiler.

There are a few other interesting details on the car that aren't necessarily connected to the concept. The plastic body cladding gets some embossed hexagon shapes to give the car a tougher, funkier feel, and it helps break up the side panels more. The rear bumper is much more toned down compared to the concept's version with exhaust cutouts. But it does get a unique touch in the form of a body-color-coordinated faux skidplate panel.

Despite a production-ready car being spotted, and a soft reveal occurring, BMW still has yet to announce a reveal date for the X2. Considering how close to ready it looks, we would guess the car will be revealed this auto show season, perhaps as soon as the Los Angeles show.

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