BMW M Performance Parts Make X5 M, X6, X6 M And X7 Look Sportier

3 October 2019 - motor1

BMW M Performance Parts Make X5 M, X6, X6 M And X7 Look Sportier

From 22-inch wheels to LED door projectors.

After spicing up the facelifted X1 and the X3 M / X4 M duo with M Performance Parts, BMW has now turned its attention towards the company's larger SUVs by developing a series of add-ons to enhance the sporty vibe. For the X5 M, X6 and X6 M, the Bavarians have come up with carbon fiber body parts manufactured by hand and sealed with a clear finish for a greater visual impact.

You'll find the carbon fiber reinforced plastic just about everywhere, from the kidney grille up front to the rear diffuser, while the side sill inserts are also made from CFRP. The derrière can also be optionally configured with black fins featuring a high-gloss finish complemented by a roof edge spoiler featuring a similar finish tailored to the X5 M.

Go for the swoopy X6 and BMW will be more than happy to provide you with a black matte body wrap combined with a gray strip and M Performance branding. The even bigger X7 can be had with the model's inscription at the back with a high-gloss black look to let everyone know you're driving something a bit more special than the regular luxobarge. Also for the company's flagship SUV, there are carbon fiber side mirror caps lending the X7 a sportier appearance.

At an additional cost, the regular X6 can be configured with the M Performance brakes of the full-fat X6 M, featuring bigger vented and perforated discs coupled to red calipers. All four SUVs can be specified with a variety of alloy wheels as large as 21 inches for a winter set and 22 inches for a summer set. Rounding off the changes on the outside are LED projectors that show the M logo on the ground whenever you open the door.

Stepping inside the cabin, one highlight is the M Performance steering wheel wrapped in Alcantara and adorned with carbon fiber accents. Instead of the standard chrome surface of the shift paddles, buyers can opt for a carbon fiber look to complement the steering wheel. Other goodies include stainless steel pedals and footrest, floor mats, tire bags, and even a key holder – all with M Performance branding, of course.

Is BMW exaggerating by slapping the M badge on just about everything? Some would say it dilutes what the letter "M" stands for, but customers who would rather have a pure M model can simply skip these items (and the SUVs for that matter) and go for something more traditional like an M3. For the rest, the new M Performance bits will be available from next month.


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