BMW iNext, i4 and iX3 shown in winter testing as we get some EV range details

27 March 2019 - autoblog

BMW iNext, i4 and iX3 shown in winter testing as we get some EV range details

372 miles of range expected for iNext and i4

BMW wants folks to know it has electric vehicles in the works, and it just released new images of three such vehicles undergoing winter testing near the Arctic Circle. The first one of these to arrive in the U.S. will be the BMW iX3, which looks a lot like an electrified version of the already popular X3. We got to see the iX3 Concept in all its glory last year, and the production vehicle doesn't look far off from those photos. Presumably, BMW is changing up the front and rear fascias a bit where they've kept the camouflage in place. No new details were released, but BMW continues to tout a 249-mile range and 150 kW charging.

Next up is the BMW i4. This will be the performance sedan of BMW's EV lineup, with production slated to begin in 2021. It's going to compete against other midsizers and look like a relatively normal sedan if these shots are indicative of the final design. Like we noted in previous spy shots, the i4 is shaping up to have extremely conventional looks for an electric car, but who knows what's hiding underneath all the heavy wrapping. BMW has given us a more precise figure for range on the i4, with at least 372 miles in the cards. That's a huge amount if BMW is able to pull it off, and will instantly catapult this sedan into relevancy in the EV game. Acceleration to 62 mph is said to take four seconds, on its way to a 124 mph top speed. Those aren't Tesla beating numbers, but they're impressive nonetheless.

The final BMW in its electric vehicle trio is the iNext SUV. It's the descendant of last year's crossover concept, and looks much more roadworthy now. As they ride next to each other, the iNext doesn't look all that different to the iX3 in size, but the styling does take a more dramatic turn. We expect the iNext to be more luxurious and probably more spacious inside than the iX3, because it's built using a newly designed, dedicated EV platform. BMW promises a range of 372 miles for this crossover, just like the i4 sedan. Level 3 automated driving is also slated to be equipped on the iNext, as BMW is using this vehicle as its "technology flagship."

Know that all these range figures were calculated using the WLTP method, which is only representative of final EPA figures sometimes. Even if they are a tad off, close to 372 miles is impressive. We expect to see the iNEXT begin production in 2021.

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