Awesome Automotive Content: How Do You Extract a Lada From a House?

2 years, 1 month ago - 26 May 2020, autoevolution
Awesome Automotive Content: How Do You Extract a Lada From a House?
You may have found yourself recently doing something that felt pointless but still fun, but this takes the cake.

Here's a video of a Lada being taken apart, then welded back on inside a house, only to have to be extracted through the window.

The gearheads from Garage 54 always deliver fascinating and occasionally idiotic automotive content, and the latest combines the two in equal measure. The stunt involves a Lada wagon that must be brought inside a tiny, crumbling house, for the purpose of being made to run again.

To do that, they take the car apart, piece by piece, and then weld everything back on, once inside. Then, they make sure to get the car running, with their stated goal being of ensuring that the Lada is functional again. They even try to do some burnouts inside the small room, which adds another dose of hilarity (and recklessness) as they all stand around the car, literally choking on exhaust fumes.

Once the car repairs are completed, the engineers have another, even more difficult task ahead: how do you extract it from inside the house? Clearly, through the window is the best way. So they get a tractor, a thick and long cable, which they set out to tie around the car.

While the entire video plays out in a very predictable manner, it's here that the unexpected happens: the Lada, re-pieced together as it is, proves tougher than nails. Instead of coming apart, it actually uses "whatever life it still had in it" to "brace itself" for the impact, as it tears through the wall. Bumblebee from the Transformers makes a surprise appearance and, we have to say it, the editing is so good that you'll probably be laughing long after the video is over.

The dudes over at Garage 54 are the same engineers / "crazy Russians" who delivered a Cybertruck replica and a steam-powered Lada, and these are just two of their more recent projects. They love to come up with new challenges and ideas, and they strive to pull them off even if they're pointless or absurd. That's the motivational content we need right now, so enjoy.

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