Audi Teases Skysphere Concept Once More With A Few Design Details

1 year, 9 months ago - 9 August 2021, motor1
Audi Teases Skysphere Concept Once More With A Few Design Details
The reveal is scheduled to happen in a few days.

Audi is set to reveal the Skysphere Concept in a few days' time but the German marque decided to fuel the excitement with revealing teasers. While the previous teaser revealed the concept's overall shape as well as its front and rear fascias, the latest preview shows other specific details, including a part of the concept's wheel design.

And just like last month's teaser video, Audi again shows the fascias of the concept but at different angles that expose its intricate design. These include meticulously styled lighting fixtures, front and back, along with the red Audi logo presumably to be seen at the back.

Audi Head of Design Marc Lichte and Audi Senior Vice President Henrik Wenders talked extensively before about the inspiration behind the Skysphere Concept. They said that it takes inspiration from the Horch 853A, particularly the long nose and smoothly sculpted rear.

Of course, that long nose will be virtually empty since the Skysphere is expected to be an electric vehicle. However, Audi wants the Skysphere to be a compelling driver's car that's capable of autonomous motoring.

At this point, let us all be reminded that the Skysphere is still a concept vehicle, which means its production counterpart may or may not take its form. In fact, it's part of a three-pronged concept, alongside the Grand Sphere and Urban Sphere. These three would be Audi's attempt to "reinvent mobility as we know it today."

The Grand Sphere has been teased before as a swoopy electric GT and will be revealed in September at the IAA show in Munich. On the other hand, the Urban Sphere will arrive in 2022, with teasers hinting at an SUV.

Audi will be revealing the Skysphere on August 10, 2021 at the Four Rings' design center in Malibu, California. We'll be covering its debut, as always, so make sure to keep us in your tabs.

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