2021 Volkswagen Caddy Leaked Official Photos Confirm New Rear Suspension System

21 February 2020 - autoevolution

2021 Volkswagen Caddy Leaked Official Photos Confirm New Rear Suspension System

Light commercial vehicles are rather popular in Europe, and Volkswagen is among the most successful automakers in this regard.

The ever-popular Caddy is up for a redesign from the ground up in 2020 for the 2021 model year, and here is the culprit before you were supposed to see it!

Expected to premiere in the flesh at the 2020 Geneva Motor Show next month, the fourth generation of the panel and passenger van rides on the second evolution of the MQB vehicle architecture of the Golf. Similarities with the compact hatchback are obvious inside and out, more so after you notice the gear selector of the DSG, touchscreen, and instrument cluster.

As opposed to the design sketches published in December 2019, the real deal features more conservative styling for obvious reasons. Design elements that thankfully survived, however, include LED headlights and the LED light bar spanning across the uppermost grille.

Taking a look at the Caddy from the rear confirms a twist-beam axle, sporting springs instead of leafs. This should improve the van's ride quality and handling without compromising payload, and as opposed to an independent suspension setup, the beam is more affordable to manufacture.

The passenger-oriented version features a tailgate instead of two asymmetrical doors for the cargo van, as well as two sliding doors for easier access into the cabin. If you're wondering what's that black square in the middle of the lower grille with a honeycomb pattern, that would be the sensor for the adaptive cruise control system. Like every other MQB-based Volkswagen, the Caddy will be treated to lots of assistive technologies.

Under the hood, you shouldn't expect anything more than 2.0 liters of displacement and 12-volt hybridization for the TDI engine. Over in Germany, Der Caddy comes exclusively with a four-cylinder turbo diesel and selective catalytic reduction to meet the Euro 6d-TEMP emissions standard.

There's talk about 48-volt turbo gasoline options and even an all-electric powertrain for the newcomer, but only time will tell how many choices Volkswagen has in the pipeline for the compact panel van and MPV.

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