2021 SEAT Ateca Facelift Revealed With Rugged Xperience Trim

17 June 2020 - motor1

2021 SEAT Ateca Facelift Revealed With Rugged Xperience Trim

The 1.6 TDI has been replaced by a cleaner 2.0 TDI.

Trust us when we say this is the Ateca facelift. SEAT has given its compact crossover the mildest of mid-cycle updates as it takes a trained eye to figure out we're dealing with the revised model. We're actually looking at the newest addition to the range, a rugged-looking Xperience trim previewed back in September 2016 by a namesake concept at the Paris Motor Show.

Joining Reference, Style, and FR versions, the new Xperience has an aluminum look for the front and rear mouldings combined with black accents for the lower sections of the bumpers as well as for side and wheel arches. SEAT is giving 2021 Ateca buyers 14 different alloy wheel designs to choose from, ranging in size from 16 to 19 inches. There are also 10 paint colors, including this Dark Camouflage hue featured on the Xperience model. It's nice to hear you won't have to pick a certain version of the car to get the alloy wheel X or the paint color Y as all are available across the range.

As standard, the 2021 SEAT Ateca gets full-LED headlights and taillights with dynamic turn signals, with the rear end also gaining the model's name spelled out prominently underneath the license plate. Each and every trim level gets styling revisions, but the changes are on a subtle level.

Stepping inside the cabin, the C-segment crossover uses the latest 10.25-inch digital instrument cluster complemented by SEAT's upgraded infotainment system measuring either 8.25 or 9.2 inches. An optional heated steering wheel is available, as is a heated windscreen with an invisible coating dubbed "Climacoat" to defrost the windscreen in as little as 2-3 minutes.

In regards to the oily bits, the engine lineup kicks off with a turbocharged 1.0-liter three-pot producing 110 horsepower (81 kilowatts) channeled to the front wheels exclusively through a manual gearbox. Step up to the 1.5-liter four-cylinder and you get 150 hp (110 kW) along with the option of a dual-clutch automatic transmission. The top dog in the gasoline family remains the 2.0-liter unit with 190 hp (140 kW) offered only with the DSG and all-wheel drive.

If you'd rather get a diesel, the 1.6 TDI is dead. It's being replaced by the VW Group's latest 2.0 TDI promising reduced emissions and fuel consumption. It can be had with 115 hp (85 kW) and a manual gearbox or with 150 hp (110 kW) working with a manual or a DSG, with the latter also offered with AWD.

Built by Skoda at its Kvasiny plant in the Czech Republic, the Ateca has been a tremendous success for SEAT. More than 300,000 units have been sold since the crossover's launch in 2016. Following the unveiling of the regular Ateca, the hot Cupra derivative should arrive shortly in its facelifted guise.


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