2021 Dacia Sandero And Logan First Official Images Show Modern Design

2 years, 3 months ago - 9 September 2020, motor1
2021 Dacia Sandero And Logan First Official Images Show Modern Design
The full reveal is scheduled for September 29.

Following a preview last week, Dacia has published the first official images of the third-generation Sandero. We'll have to wait until the end of the month for full details and a complete gallery, so these images will have to suffice for now. Shown alongside the regular supermini is the Sandero Stepway, a crossover take on the subcompact hatchback to capitalize on the SUV boom that shows no signs of slowing down.

With a far more modern design and a switch to the latest Renault Clio platform, the Sandero is literally an all-new car. Dacia is being coy on details for the time being, but it does mention the car has a wider track now and a lower roofline. Finally, the door handles are no longer hinged at the top and there's a new Y-shaped light signature debuting on the Romanian brand that might make you think of a Lamborghini.

There's also a new Logan coming as the more practical sedan alternative with a significantly bigger cargo capacity. The Romanian brand only mentions it's slightly longer than its predecessor, which should translate to an even roomier cabin. The Logan will also have a smaller greenhouse to make the side profile a bit more attractive, says Dacia.

While we'll have to wait until September 29 for the full debut, you can tell the dashboard has gone through major changes. We're making this assumption based on the tablet-styled touchscreen that seems to be sticking out from the center console. We have seen this setup on prototypes as well as on the mechanically related Clio, so no surprises here.

What else can we make out after looking at these three images? The radar mounted in the lower grille, along with the front parking sensors, and side turn signals on the fenders rather than in the mirrors like on most cars today. We're also disappointed to see rear drum brakes on a car coming out in 2020, but some of the lower-spec Clios have them, so it is what it is.

For a low-cost car, the Logan seems to have surprisingly fancy headrests in the front and that black dot on the driver's door might be a button for the keyless access. Sensors mounted at the top of the windshield further confirm Dacia is coming out with more technologically advanced cars, although we had hoped for an integrated radio antenna. The latter has been moved to the back to follow the same setup used by the Duster SUV.

You're going to see these cars in some markets carrying the Renault logo, but they'll be virtually identical to the Dacia-badged models. The Sandero and Sandero Stepway will be the global players as the Logan is not available in all markets where Dacia is present.

P.S. The eyesore that was the trunk lid / tailgate lock is gone!

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