2020 Skoda Octavia Teaser Video Reveals Some Design Details

6 November 2019 - motor1

2020 Skoda Octavia Teaser Video Reveals Some Design Details

Skoda puts the spotlight on the wagon ahead of the Octavia 4's November 11 debut.

Hours after revealing the China-only Kamiq GT, Skoda has published new assets about a far more important model as it involves the next-generation Octavia. The company's best-selling car is back in a new teaser episode ahead of its big premiere scheduled to take place in a week from today at an event in Prague. The Czech automaker decided to focus on the wagon in this 18-second sneak preview of the compact model, which reveals quite a lot of its design details in the adjacent clip.

We can reconfirm Skoda has addressed the main styling issue that was a hot subject of debate the minute the Octavia III facelift was revealed – the split headlights. Its successor will revert to conventionally shaped clusters, complete with full-LED matrix tech and a design that might make you think of a Volkswagen Arteon.

The full-LED taillights also make a brief appearance in the video to reveal they'll be stretching on the tailgate as well for the first time on the Octavia. The rear lights sending out a Volvo S90 vibe will do a little "dance" as part of the coming/leaving home function and feature dynamic indicators. One other change noticeable at the back is the removal of Skoda's corporate badge to make room for the model's name spelled out in capital letters.

Since this is the wagon, we need to talk about cargo capacity. The outgoing Octavia Combi already offers a more than generous 610 liters, but the volume will further grow on the fourth-gen model to 640 liters. Compared to the model it replaces, the new wagon is 22 mm longer (at 4689 mm) and 15 mm wider (at 1829 mm), thus reinforcing the Octavia's positioning in the compact class as one of the largest models.

Skoda has previously announced the wagon will boast shallow roof rails and we can see them in the teaser video. Wheels up to 19 inches in size are being promised, along with a sleeker body featuring a drag coefficient reduced to 0.26 for the wagon (0.24 for the liftback).

The reason why Skoda is teasing the Octavia Combi is that the long-roof model will be the first to go on sale, with the liftback to follow a few weeks later. The reasoning behind this decision is understandable as nearly two-thirds of all buyers go for the wagon, with the Octavia Combi being the best-selling wagon in Europe and the most popular import car in Germany.

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