2019 Hyundai Santa Fe First Official Images Are Out

13 February 2018 - motor1

2019 Hyundai Santa Fe First Official Images Are Out

Inside and out, the SUV seems to be all-new.

Hyundai South Korea has released a teaser video (attached at the end) showing more of the Santa Fe's  skin and also announcing a full reveal is programmed for February 21.

After a lengthy teaser campaign and a plethora of spy shots, the fourth-generation Hyundai Santa Fe is finally out in fully revealing press images released today. Looking basically nothing like its predecessor, the SUV adopts a bold exterior with an interesting front fascia featuring slim upper lights in the same vein as those of the eccentric Kona and the more recent Nexo hydrogen fuel-cell crossover.

The company's new corporate "cascading grille" first applied on the i30 dominates the Santa Fe's front and is flanked by a secondary set of squarer lights lending the SUV a special look that makes it stand out in this hugely competitive segment. We only have this exterior image to go by at the moment of writing, but at least we do get to see the prominent upper character line that runs from front to rear, while the squared-off wheel arches give the side profile a rugged appearance. As for the rear end, the official design sketch posted in January should suffice for the time being:

 Once you virtually hop inside the cabin, you'll notice it has been redesigned from the ground up compared to the outgoing Santa Fe. The center console has a few things in common with the aforementioned Kona, with the infotainment system sticking out on the upper side of the center console so that the driver won't have to take his eyes off the road ahead. We can't quite see the instrument cluster in full, but it seems (at least) the screen in the middle is entirely digital. A longer wheelbase is being promised, so that should translate into more legroom for rear passengers.

Using the handy Google Translate tool to decipher the press release published by Hyundai South Korea, we are able to learn the KDM-spec model will be offered with 2.0- and 2.2-liter turbodiesel engines joined by a turbocharged 2.0-liter gasoline unit. Regardless of engine choice, an eight-speed automatic transmission channels power to both axles.

On the safety side, the revamped midsize SUV boasts everything from forward collision warning and lane departure warning to frontal collision avoidance and high-beam assist. It also has Safe Exist Assist to warn the passenger if he is about to open a door in the path of a nearby car. Besides issuing a warning, it will automatically lock that door to avoid an accident. The all-new Santa Fe will also have a feature called Rear Occupant Alert to remind the driver – who's about to get out of the car – that there's someone sitting in the back.

We will get to see the new Hyundai Santa Fe in the metal at the New York Auto Show towards the end of next month.

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