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2013' Volkswagen Passat

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Body: Sedan
Age: 10 years
Mileage: 155230 km
Fuel: LPG
Transmission: Automatic
Interior: Air Conditioning, Dual Climate Control, Power Steering
Safety: Antilock Brakes, Driver Air Bag
Electronics: Bluetooth

1) all 4 shock absorbers plus the new changed chandeliers
2) all brake pads changed 1 month ago
3) the car's cooling system was cleaned, or all the radiators were changed, the main radiator, the conditioner radiator, the salon radiator from the air conditioner
4) Changed the spark plugs 3 months ago
5) cleaning was done at all the appliances, 4 gas, 4 gasoline
6) everything that was necessary was changed on Hadofka
7) the temperature was changed because it seemed to me that the temperature was a bit high
8) adaptive xenon bulbs 4000 2 bulbs

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