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1996' Toyota Land Cruiser

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Body: Off-road
Age: 27 years
Mileage: 280000 km
Fuel: LPG
Transmission: Automatic
Exterior color: Grey
Interior: Power Steering
Exterior: Sun/Moon Roof
Safety: Antilock Brakes, Driver Air Bag
Electronics: Alarm, Bluetooth, TV

land Cruiser 80 VX,
Exchange only for Bus or Van only automatic - and only with your surcharge
I will give my Tank with sorrow :(
all 3 locks, only Flying Saucers are cooler, progressive suspension - DEN-ovskaya, (who knows), special springs +2,
fresh all 4 ammo +2 from 105 matches, additional ones are also installed. oil pressure sensors, engine oil temperature sensors, as well as temperature sensors for the inlet and return coolers, as well as for power steering, which is very informative.
Also finalized (balls) and CV joints in the lane bridge - a transition was made to the GL5 transmission with TrailGear cuffs - what makes the CV joints. The king pin and wheel bearings Eternal.
Of course, the new crosses are in the original, which are injected seasonally, absolutely all nodes have the possibility of injection.
About a year ago, all wheel and pivot bearings and CV joints were replaced - in vain (old parts - wear is almost zero :) )
also replaced the entire set of silents (from clubs, panhards, and rods) - also in vain, the original looked like new for so many years.
Really unkillable Auto. hodovka for half a life :), to the best of urban mode - enough for 2 lives. Masterpiece engine - inline 6, chain, 1Fz-Fe (read about it at your leisure :),
a button for blocking the inter-axle is also introduced forcibly in overdrive, something that has a positive effect on the health of the visco-clutch - which also belongs (who knows, will understand).
Also, methane is installed on the car, the volume (34 m3) is what makes it very economical.
Very caring attitude to the car everything works and everything is fine,
315/70 r16, Allroad branded wheels, if desired, I will change into the original 80s wheels at 0 offset.
please do not call in vain, but on business ...
The car is for sale only for true connoisseurs, and only for those who understand what it is
A car for which there are no barriers, you can Off road and you can do it for the soul :)
This machine is really a living legend, I will only give it to good hands ...
I give it away only because after replenishment in the family, I can’t fit everyone anymore - and I took even more cars, otherwise I wouldn’t give it away

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