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  • €1,200

    1995' Nissan Primera

    6 December 2019, Taraclia

    20000 cc, Petrol 26000 km  Automatic  Red 


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  • 2006' Nissan Almera


    2006' Nissan Almera

    5 December 2019, Chişinău

    1500 cc, Petrol 215000 km  Manual  Black 

    Automobil in stare buna! Condus in conditii de oras! Echipata de iarna cu anvelope noi! Deservita la timp, sunt toate facturile confermative! Nu necesita investitii! ... 

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  • 2008' Nissan Qashqai


    2008' Nissan Qashqai

    4 December 2019, Chişinău

    1500 cc, Diesel  Manual  

    100 % APROBARE IN CREDIT TIMP DE O ORA: Prima rata 0 Lei Soldu de achitare 6 -60 luni - doar cu buletinul - masina ... 

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  • 2011' Nissan JUKE


    2011' Nissan JUKE

    4 December 2019, Chişinău

    1500 cc, Diesel  Manual  Black 

    VINZAREA IN CREDIT:—-SCHIMB—-CASH........Noi va AJUTAM la pregătirea și la ACORDUL CREDITULUI 100% Doar cu buletinul timp de 1 ora !!! (Virsta minima 21 ani) Posibil ... 

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  • 2008' Nissan Qashqai


    2008' Nissan Qashqai

    27 November 2019, Bălţi

    1500 cc, Diesel 200000 km  Manual  Grey 

    Авто без проблем все работает... Очень экономная 1.5 дизель Новые колодки и диски... Новыи акумулятор... Новая помпа грм фильтры вкладыши... Комплектации фулл Функция KEYLESS-GO Панорамная ... 

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  • 2007' Nissan Note


    2007' Nissan Note

    27 November 2019, Chişinău

    1500 cc, Diesel 165321 km  Manual  

    Automobilul este in stare ideală, kilometraj original,se accepta orice verificare la autoservice autorizat. ***************************************** Este posibil de a procura acest automobil in credit FARA PRIMA ... 

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  • €11,800

    2014' Nissan Qashqai

    26 November 2019, Chişinău

    1500 cc, Diesel 194000 km  Manual  Black 

    Se vinde masina personala Nissan Qashqai. Automobilul este intr-o stare tehnica foarte buna, toate consumabilele au fost schimbate la timp. Anvelope de vara noi + ... 

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  • 2015' Nissan Qashqai


    2015' Nissan Qashqai

    25 November 2019, Bălţi

    1500 cc, Diesel 147000 km  Manual  Grey 


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  • 2012' Nissan Qashqai


    2012' Nissan Qashqai

    25 November 2019, Chişinău

    1500 cc, Diesel 141680 km  Manual  White 

    Recent Importată din GERMANIA...110ls....Camera 360.. 

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  • 2013' Nissan JUKE


    2013' Nissan JUKE

    25 November 2019, Bălţi

    1500 cc, Diesel 111000 km  Manual  Black 

    Автомобиль только пригнан из Германии Идеальное состояние кузова мотора и ходовой Богатая комплектация и все работает По кузову без царапин и вмятин Чистый аккуратный автомобиль ... 

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Nissan car is an excellent quality and originality! Having started its activity back in 1933, this Japanese company has become the world's leading corporation able to set fashion trends and improve their own car-concepts.

In an effort to improve the vehicle manufacturer Nissan is betting on innovation and expansion of the model line. Thanks to this the automobile has excellent running properties and unmatched technical capabilities. High build quality and components enable drivers for a long time not to resort to the help of masters of vehicle service stations.

Buy Nissan car will be extremely beneficial. This acquisition will not only reliable, but also burdensome for the purse, because the fuel consumption of the models of this brand is quite economical, and driving security is significantly increased. The interior also has a nice look and trunk is incredibly spacious, which adds even more freedom.

Nissan car is long living and affordable. One of the company's advantages is that it is represented by a collection of a variety of models in different trim lines and, besides, it is designed for any taste and price requests. In addition, having a specific margin of safety, the brand is increasingly becoming popular in the market. As a result, high quality Nissan car enjoys growing popularity and goes for many drivers to the status of an indispensable tool drive.

Availability of spare parts and accessories are advantageously estimated and can be purchased in many places, and most importantly, at an affordable cost. In addition, new/used Nissan cars under secure tutelage of the authorized dealers that provide warranty service. Having made the decision to buy Nissan car, you choose an extremely reliable and safe option for driving!


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