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2018' Honda Clarity

2018' Honda Clarity photo #1
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Body: Sedan
Age: 5 years
Mileage: 90000 km
Fuel: Hybrid
Transmission: Automatic
Exterior color: Black
Interior: Air Conditioning, Dual Climate Control, Power Steering
Safety: Antilock Brakes, Driver Air Bag
Electronics: Bluetooth, Back Up Camera, Trip/Mileage Computer, TV

Plug-in hybrid Honda Clarity for sale!
A car that is distinguished by its impeccable condition! Forget about bugs, rust and corrosion - this is a car that has had the necessary parts replaced with only original components.
Confidence in reliability and durability is confirmed by real low mileage of only 85,000 km. The interior of the car looks like it just came off the assembly line - clean, smoke-free, without the slightest traces of use.
This Honda Clarity has been carefully and conscientiously maintained. Regular oil and filter changes have always been carried out on time, so you can safely get behind the wheel and hit the road. Even the battery has a range of 65-70 km, which has been actually tested.
The 1.5 liter engine runs smoothly. All systems and instruments in the cabin are in perfect working order: air conditioning, heater, door systems, power windows - everything is in good working order and ready for use.
This Honda Clarity has been prepared for sale with the utmost attention to detail. Polishing the body with a ceramic coating gives it shine and protection for many years. Additional sound insulation of the doors creates a comfortable and quiet space inside.
We remind you that this car was purchased at auction personally by the owner, who had been waiting for it for three months. Now he is ready to hand over the steering wheel to a new owner, who will appreciate all the indescribable joy of driving this “baby”.
If you are looking for a reliable, perfectly maintained hybrid car that does not require any investment, then the Honda Clarity is your choice. Reasoned bargaining is welcome, but remember that every Leu spent on this car will pay off in comfort and confidence in its reliability.
Don't miss the chance to become the owner of this diamond among hybrid cars! Contact me now and schedule a test drive of your Honda Clarity!
Additionally: Honda Clarity is ready and waiting for its owner, I briefly bought it myself at auction and waited three months.

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