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2012' Ford Focus

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Body: Hatchback
Age: 10 years
Mileage: 144 km
Fuel: Petrol
Transmission: Manual
Interior: Air Conditioning, Dual Climate Control, Power Steering
Safety: Antilock Brakes, Driver Air Bag
Electronics: Bluetooth, TV

The car was recently imported, a few days ago, and it is in perfect condition, very well kept and cared for. It has a very rich collection compared to other cars of the same brand: conditioner, bluetooth, cruise control, heated front seats, heated windshield, which is very rare in such cars, heated mirrors, electric package, multifunctional leather steering wheel and many more others. You have paid the technical inspection, insurance and taxes for a year in advance. The car does not require any investment. It has 6 speeds, which are very economical. The mileage is original with a service card that you can check wherever you want. The interior and exterior is also perfect. I accept any testing. The exchange is more expensive. It can also be sold on credit (leasing).

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