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2013' Audi A3

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Body: Hatchback
Age: 11 years
Mileage: 165000 km
Fuel: Petrol
Transmission: Manual
Interior: Air Conditioning, Dual Climate Control, Power Steering
Safety: Antilock Brakes, Driver Air Bag
Electronics: Bluetooth, Trip/Mileage Computer, TV

Audi A3 1.4 TFSI with original mileage of 160,000 km, engine on belt not on chain, generation 3 EA211. It's not with LEDs where if the LED burns out you have to replace it completely with one without or repair it, you changed the lamp and move on, like the manual gearbox it's not DSG, it runs very smoothly and the car is soft and pleasant in traffic, even if it shares a base with vw Golf, the A3 is softer, it has traffic regimes, for example in Dynamic the reika hardens, also when you increase the view the reika hardens, just like in the Porsche, for this price this is a really good package. It has not been hit, all intact and without paintwork. You can check as you wish.
The car is in good condition, the multimedia system fully unlocked, VAG sport seats with manual adjustment, bluetooth, navigation and telephony. Small shades on the bodywork, I give symbolically on the spot.
- Vag-sport seats with angle and height adjustment, support under the legs.
- Aluminum decorative elements (Buttons, adjustments and etc.)
- Full on-board computer unlocked
- Crouise control
- Parktronic rear
- Auto-maintenance and auto-hold
- Advanced multimedia system with bluetooth for handsfree and music
- Navigation full 2017 including Moldova
- Voice assistant
- Car lights

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